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We specialize in digital advertising. In fact, it's the only thing we do. Whether it's Google, Facebook, Twitter, or a sleek new website, we provide data driven exposure to help your business grow. Digital advertisement is cost effective, with campaigns starting as low as a few hundred dollars a month.


Google Adwords is our most popular offering. We put your business listing on Google Search, Gmail, and Youtube. Plus, we'll monitor and optimize your campaign for the full duration of its flight.


We develop custom webpages to give your business the online presence it deserves. We handle all the web hosting, email setup, and search engine optimization so you can focus on your business!


Nothing is more engaging than social media. Whether it's a Like, a Connect, or a Tweet, we spread your message in the most social of mediums. We offer account management and paid campaigns.

Data Driven

Data is the name of the game. We use data to optimize your campaign and drive empirical results. What does that mean? For each campaign, we use multiple ads, whether text or banner, and we tweak and configure the chances that a particular ad is shown to a specific audience based on data analytics. Now that's cool technology!

  • Location

    Your advertisements are only shown to your customers. Whether you want to stay local, or expand to every screen west of the Mississippi, Wise River Digital has the technology and expertise to target your exact market.

  • Audience Targeting

    Using data archives, we can target the customer that makes the most sense for your business. This is a bit advanced, and costly, so it's best for you to chat with us directly about how data targeting works.

  • Reporting

    In the digital age, engagements, such as clicks and views, are captured at every point of interaction. Our custom reporting analytic provides you with regular reports detailing your campaign's exact metrics. Data allows you to make informed decisions.


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Businesses are run by people, so let's put a face to a brand.

Jason Zeng

Business Owner

Hi, my name is Jason, and I used to work on programmatic digital advertisements in San Francisco. I built and designed the financial database for Cadreon, the internal digital media agency of Interpublic Group. I've worked on campaigns for Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, and Chrysler.

At Wise River Digital, we believe that the customer should know exactly where his money goes. That's why we offer complete transparency in media spend. We always provide you with honest statistics about your campaign, whether good or bad. When applicable, we use data analysis to optimize your spend to drive empirical results. At Wise River Digital, we believe that fair prices and quality work are the foundations of a strong business.

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